Are You Ready to Overcome Anxiety and Enhance your Quality of Life?

What if Your Life Were Truly and Utterly Free from That Stress?
It’s Your Life — You Deserve to Live It Stress-Free

Ready to Overcome Agoraphobia and start living life again?

What if you were free to live without Agoraphobia? How much would change for the better?

It’s Your Life – You Deserve to Live It without that Agoraphobia.

Here's What You'll Get
with Your Customized Action Plan

What will you discover

  • How much control you actually have over your own emotions
  • How you’ve been doing hypnosis in many forms your entire life
  • Why Agoraphobia is just a habit your brain is repeating
  • How to make “Calm” a new, unconscious habit
  • BONUS: How Laughter can help you conquer anxiety

What will you receive

  • One-on-one personalized hypnosis sessions
  • Programs installed in your unconscious mind to end Agoraphobia, without even having to think about it.
  • Proven psychological techniques to boost calm and freeze anxiety in its tracks.
  • Ongoing support with answers to any post-session questions that may arise.

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You're Ready for Life Without Agoraphobia

This is a process that begins with you. The good news is, you’ve already taken huge strides towards building your ideal life.

Schedule your Complementary Strategy Session today, because the free life you’ve been waiting for is ready for you too.

"I’ve done multiple hypnosis sessions with Doug to work on stress relief. I have tried yoga, headspace meditation, and therapy and none of them are as effective as hypnosis.

The sessions themselves are incredibly relaxing, allowing me to reach a meditative state.

Doug has helped me cultivate a set of practices to access this state outside of our sessions. This has improved my ability to cope with stress."

Two Cases of Agoraphobia, Cured by Hypnosis (circa 1898)

You got that right. Hypnosis has been helping people overcome Agoraphobia for over 124 years ago! Check out this quote from the Case Study:

“The third time he came alone, and…  he attended a matinee performance at a theatre without difficulty. I learn that he has since resumed his ordinary mode of life, and is completely cured.”

Counteracting Resistance in Agoraphobia Using Hypnosis

“Hypnosis has been used effectively in a variety of medical settings (surgery, dentistry, chronic pain management, labour, etc) and several studies report its efficacy in the treatment of anxiety disorders.”

"Doug was masterful and effective... I left the session feeling much better, and my sleep and anxiety problems abated.

I would HIGHLY recommend Doug's services to anyone looking for alternative ways of coping with stress or trouble sleeping"

Hypnosis in the Treatment of Anxiety

“Hypnotherapy and training in self-hypnosis can help persons achieve remarkable success in alleviating anxiety, not only in anxiety disorders, but also in any problem involving anxiety.”


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