July 4th, 2022

Welcome back to the Body Dysmorphia Recovery Podcast!

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[00:00:00] Doug: This is the body dysmorphia recovery podcast, where we explore powerful resources to help you heal body dysmorphia and the harmful eating patterns and help you live your normal life after BDD. Even better, we’re doing it without waiting weeks or even months to get treatment. My name is Doug Sands and I’m your body dysmorphia hypnotist.

On this show, you’re getting cutting edge methods to wipe out BDD once and for all. You’re also getting interviews with leading treatment experts for BDD, body image issues, and disordered eating. We’re giving you tools to work through all areas of body dysmorphia and to get it out of your life once and for all.

Get ready my friend, because this show may change your life for good. Let’s get started.


[00:00:52] Doug: Welcome to the body dysmorphia recovery podcast, episode zero. My name is Doug Sands, and in this brief episode before our [00:01:00] first episode, we’re going to lay out exactly who this podcast is for and what you can expect in upcoming episodes. In my private practice. I work with people with body dysmorphia and disordered eating. And we’ll talk about the unique ways I do that in just a moment, but first let’s get into it.

Who is this podcast for? This podcast is perfect for you if you struggle with body image issues of any kind. Whether they’re relatively mild or they’re fairly extreme. Whether you think you might have BDD, or if you’ve been formally diagnosed with it, this is the podcast for you.

If you’ve been struggling with harmful or disordered eating, whether you’ve been diagnosed with a disorder or not. Whether you face these patterns or you’re listening to help loved ones who are experiencing this, this is the podcast for you. Finally, if you’ve been dealing with anxious or depressed feelings around body image or your eating habits, whether you’re taking any treatment for them or not, or whether you’re just seeking information or you’re ready to move past them once [00:02:00] and for all, this is the podcast for you.

Now that we’ve covered that, who am I, and why am I the host of this show? So my name is Doug Sands, and I’m the consulting hypnotist, who helps people all around the world to work through body dysmorphia, disordered eating, and harmful thoughts around food and body image.

And yes, you heard that right, I’m a hypnotist. And I use cutting edge techniques from hypnosis, from psychology, and many other modalities to help people make these changes. Even if you’ve never tried hypnosis before, that’s perfectly fine. During this show, you’ll learn more about it as well as about the other tools that psychologists, nutritionists, dieticians, and more are using to get these issues out of your life once, and for all.

All you need to know right now about hypnosis, is that it’s an incredibly powerful tool to work directly with your unconscious mind. Because after all, that’s where all of these beliefs, these habits and these emotions that keep that problem around [00:03:00] are actually stored. And to get to these complex issues and get them out of your life, you’re eventually going to have to change the instructions that you’ve given to your unconscious.

Whether you do that the hard way with willpower, essentially trying to bash your mind out of the habits it’s learned over the months and even years, or you do it the easy way by working with your unconscious and making those changes often in just one to two sessions, that’s your choice.

If you’re curious about the 125 years of scientific research that’s gone into modern hypnosis, I encourage you to listen in to the first few episodes of this podcast. We’re exploring that data right away, right there. You’ll also learn more about the full hypnosis audio sessions that I’m giving away completely free.

These are professional grade hypnosis sessions taken directly from my one on one work. I’ve found that the best way to know what hypnosis feels like for you is to experience it yourself. All that and more are coming right to you in the following episodes. So [00:04:00] with that said, let me explain what you’re getting in the upcoming episodes when you subscribe to this show.

This podcast is all about offering you plenty of different viewpoints on how to resolve the issues you’re facing. I’m a hypnotist, but I work with a variety of different modalities. NLP, EFT, Acupressure, breath work, and more. I also work closely with therapists, nutritionists, dieticians, and other experts who work in the BDD and ED fields.

Throughout this podcast, you’re going to get powerful interviews with all of these experts to help you get the cutting edge information for working through these issues.

Since I work exclusively with body dysmorphia and it’s accompanying issues, I clearly have my own opinions on all of this. But I always encourage listeners to learn from multiple experts. One of my mentors taught me to learn from people who disagree with each other, and these interviews are exactly that.

Not that we disagree on the root causes of the problems. The difference comes with how we [00:05:00] approach these issues to get them out of your life. The goal of this podcast is to help you work through these issues however you choose to do it. Whether you work with me or with one of the experts I interview on this show, the goal is ultimately to help you live that normal life again without that issue weighing down on you, or deciding your day to day actions.

Many of the experts we interview on this show have practices that work exclusively online like myself, and that allows these experts to work with people all over the world. Many of these practitioners have practices that work both in person and online. Know that wherever you are based in the world, we’re going to be interviewing experts for many different countries to give you opinions and options that best fit your needs.

Many of these experts as you’ll find are based in the us, but will also be featuring interviews with experts from all over the world. We’ve got interviews lined up with guests from Canada, the UK, Brazil, Australia. Mexico New Zealand and more. The point of this [00:06:00] podcast is to be truly global. That’s because body dysmorphia, disordered eating and body image issues are appearing more and more throughout world cultures from Chile to Pakistan, from Scotland to Singapore.

And perhaps most importantly, I need to address as well who this podcast isn’t for. If you’re someone who firmly believes that you cannot change this issue and you’re not willing to learn how it can happen for you. If you’re someone who thinks the success stories that others have found are all fake and that it could never actually happen for you. Or if for some reason you actually want to keep that issue in your life, this podcast may not be for you.

Because the key with hypnosis and with so many of the tools that we explore on this show, is being open and willing to change. And if you’re not there yet, that’s okay. You don’t have to be at that point right now. You’ll know when the perfect time to change comes to you.

And until then, keep listening to these episodes because you’ll be gathering data to help you for when that [00:07:00] big change will actually happen. When that time comes, you’ll be ready to make that change rapidly. And perhaps you don’t struggle with body image or harmful eating, but someone you care for does. If you’re listening for info to help them out, you’re definitely welcome here.

And finally, this is also a video podcast. If you’d like to watch my smiling face on solo shows, or if you want to view our guests as they share their knowledge, those full episodes will be available on YouTube. To find them, search anywhere hypnosis on YouTube or search for the body dysmorphia recovery podcast.

There you’ll find a cornucopia of video resources from those explaining BDD, and disordered eating, to the expert takes on how to work through these issues effectively. And even videos or tools you can use right at home to get started with that change today.

You’ll also find answers to common hypnosis questions. You’ll find success stories of past clients, and you’ll even find a full playlist of all available podcast [00:08:00] episodes. And while you’re there, you may even stumble across a separate podcast I did before I specialized in what I do now. I used to work with weight loss, but I kept being drawn to clients with body image issues and harmful eating because the changes we reached together were so incredibly rewarding to be a part of. Again, to find all of that, just search anywhere hypnosis on YouTube.

And I named my business that because when I first launched my business, I was one of the few hypnotists who worked entirely online using video chats, like Google meet and zoom. Now we’ll touch on the myth of, can you hypnotize someone over zoom and other major misconceptions in upcoming videos? If you’re curious to learn more and you don’t want to miss out on any upcoming episodes, there’s just one thing for you to do right now.

Click that subscribe button on whatever podcasting platform you use, because you’ll get these episodes delivered right to you. And then while you’re there, download the first three episodes, because they’ll give you a great understanding on how you can start [00:09:00] making this change starting today. Again, my name is Doug Sands, and I help people with body dysmorphia to wipe out BDD, to heal harmful eating habits, and to finally live that normal life again, without waiting four to eight weeks to get help from a treatment center.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. And I look forward to seeing you right back here for the next episode.

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