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Stage Comedy Shows

Make Your Next Event the One They'll Never Forget!

High Schools

Whether for After-Prom, a Band Fundraiser, or another event entirely, students will remember the crazy fun they and their friends had onstage for years.


Colleges are booking hypnotists for every show imaginable: Freshman Orientation, Spring Fling, Graduation, and more. 

Bring in an entertainer students can’t stop talking about: hypnotist Douglas B. Sands.



You get one shot at it: make this year’s conference impossible to forget!

Want your audience on the edge of their seats with laughter? Bring in Doug for a clean, professional hypnosis show that will make this event the one everyone loves to remember.

cruise ships

Hypnosis Abroad: the ease of vacation with the thrill of the stage.  Fly in Doug Sands to bring your vacation to the next level!


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