SUCCESS stories

Our clients aren’t just satisfied with the program. They get real results faster than they imagined. Check out what they have to say about it here.

“Doug was masterful and effective… I left the session feeling much better, and my sleep and anxiety problems abated.

I would HIGHLY recommend Doug’s services to anyone looking for alternative ways of coping with stress or trouble sleeping”


“I’ve done multiple hypnosis sessions with Doug to work on stress relief. I have tried yoga, headspace meditation, and therapy and none of them are as effective as hypnosis. The sessions themselves are incredibly relaxing, allowing me to reach a meditative state.

Doug has helped me cultivate a set of practices to access this state outside of our sessions. This has improved my ability to cope with stress.”


“I loved every second of my session with Doug. He listened and made me feel heard. My issue was a sudden doubt that creeped up from nowhere. In one session Doug helped me to get rid of it. I am so productive ever since and can’t stop taking action!
Highly recommend Doug! Thank you 🙏


“Douglas is extremely knowledgeable and proficient in providing an incredible solution in the most efficient use of my time. I have a much clearer understanding of my future and I noticed a feeling of lightness afterwards. I could tell you the session was life changing, but what’s the fun in that when you can experience it for yourself right now? Don’t take my word for it, it’ll be worth it.”

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